Text Adventures by Simon Avery

I wrote a lot of text adventures during the 80’s and early 90’s for the Amstrad CPC and PC which were converted to the Spectrum and C64 by Tony Collins (Guild), Anthony Reynolds (Adventure Workshop) and Dorothy Millard. Many sold commercially and many were released as public domain. (Known today as Freeware)

Good times, a good bunch of folks involved in the UK textie scene at that time.

I have released all my text adventures up until 2004 as public domain. All copyright notices are void insofar as they apply to me.

A zip file is freely available containing all the versions I have. If you have any versions of these games that aren’t included, I’d love a copy.

Thanks to Dorothy Millard and Frederic Herlem for sending me copies of some of the following. Thanks also to Debby Howard, D. Jones and Philip Reynolds for some of the solutions.

Here follows the games, and where available, the snapshots, executable programs (PC) and sometimes even the source code. Enjoy.

Download archive of all files
  • A Day In The Life of a Tupperware Salesman (2 parts)
  • Adult 1
  • Adult 2
  • A Magician’s Apprentice
  • Boredom
  • Can I Cheat Death (Adult)
  • Dances with Bunny Rabbits
  • Danger! Adventurer at Work!
  • Danger! Adventurer at Work! 2
  • Doomlords
  • Dungeon Adventure
  • Firestone
  • Gerbil Riot of ’67
  • House out of Town
  • Jason of the Argonauts
  • Labyrinth
  • Magician’s Apprentice
  • Pre-History
  • Prison Blues
  • Roog
  • Rouge Midget
  • Seven Lost Gnomes
  • Spaced Out
  • Tizpan
  • Thief’s Tale (3 parts)
  • Total Reality Delusion
  • Welladay

(Thanks to Gareth Pitchford and others for supplying some missing games)

I also co-wrote a book with Debbie Howard. With thanks to archive.org for preserving it, I make it available here also:

Using the Quill: A Beginner's Guide (PDF)

Emulators: You need these to run most of these. The supplied links are for Windows emulators, but others exist for Linux and Mac.

Amstrad Emulator
Spectrum Emulator
C64 Emulator
TADS Runtime
Inform Interpreter

Other Utilities:

Unquill Fantastic DOS utility that can run Spectrum Quill .SNA (Snapshot) files, can dump all the contents of the Quill database and even convert directly to an Inform .Z5 file! A one-step conversion from Spectrum to Inform, fantastic!
(Works great under Windows XP in CMD shell)