Weapons - Shock Rifle

Damage/hit:   60h primary
82.5h secondary
247.5h combo
Rate: 1,4/s primary
2,1/s secondary
0,85/s combo
Splash radius:   70uu secondary
250 combo
Damage/s: 84h primary
172h secondary
210h combo

The ASMD is a great all around weapon. It doesnīt really have any decent weaknesses, but it also isnīt specialised on anything, so the specialised weapons are usually the better choice.
In long range fights you can use itīs primary mode just like you would use the sniper rifle, but itīs by far not as good as the sniper rifle, because it inflicts only a bit more damage/second than the enforcer and the rifle has twice the rate of fire. It`s big knockback is the only advantage in long range.
In mid-range combats the ASMD is a much better choice, especially when using combos, but in mid range RL, Flak, Pulse and the minigun are superior in most situations.
When fighting close range you can use the secondary fire, which is often even better than rockets, especially when retreating, because of itīs fire rate, but canīt match a flak, minigun or pulse.

When it comes to prediction though the ASMD really excells. You can make a combo anywhere you want, no matter if your opponent is on a platform above you or about to come around a corner. Of course a rocket sixpack does more damage, but it also takes much longer to prepare, whereas The ASMD is always ready to fire a combo and you can fire 2 combos in quick succession, which is something that canīt be done with multirockets. If it is close enough to the player a combo is even sufficient to kill someone with 100 armor.
While doing combos you are often very vulnerable though, because the most easy way to do a combo is to only move towards the secondary fire ball or away from it and that makes you very predictable, as you usually shoot the secondary fire ball in the direction of your opponent.
A really cool advantage of the ASMD is that you wonīt have lots of ammo problems. Because of the 20 shock cores that come with the ASMD you just have to drop the weapon and pick it up again if you are low on ammo. 20 ammo should last a while if you donīt combo too often (a combo consumes 4 ammo).

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