Weapons - Rocket Launcher

Damagehit:   112,5h   primary
120h secondary
Splash radius:   220uu primary
200uu secondary
Rate: 1,2/s
time to load x rockets/grenades: (x-1) /1,2  
Damage/s: 135h primary
144h secondary

The Rocket Launcher is UTīs RPG-style weapon. Although such a weapon exists in almost every shooter the UT RL is very different to the RL of other games. The main difference is that you can shoot up to 6 rockets at once, so you can potentially inflict 672 damage in one shot, killing everything in your way. The rockets are very slow though, so it isnīt the killerweapon you would expect at first glance.
Besides shooting rockets the RL can shoot grenades, also up to 6 at once. But the grenades arenīt as important as in other games, because there are several weapons that shoot around corners in UT. Besides that, the grenades accelerate while flying, so it`s difficult to predict where they will hit.
If you have loaded up 6 rockets/grenades, the rl will automatically shoot. The only way to prevent that is to drop the rl while loading up. If you are running forward you will even pick it up at once again, so you just have to switch back, but the ammo is gone.

There are basically 2 options to use the rocket launcher.
You can load up rockets, shoot at the position of your opponent and retreat. Or you can use it as a defensive weapon, by retreating and loading up, so that nobody is able to follow without eating enough rockets to get killed or to retreat. Although itīs not the fine english style this is a good way to keep a frag lead, waiting for the time to run out.
The 2nd option is to use single rockets (aka instant rockets), which should be prefered for infights and for spamming. Maybe you heard the rumor, that you can shoot instant rockets faster, but that`s only half-way true. The truth is, that it`s easier to shoot them fast. If you keep pressing fire you shoot a rocket exactly the moment, when the RL is reloaded. If you are using multirockets instead you have to do this manually and therefore there is a short delay, at least if you are human.

When using rockets it is always a good idea not to shoot at your opponent, but using the floor and the walls for splash damage. Like that you wonīt hit him with the full damage, but you will hit him for sure, which is not the case when going for direct hits.
Basically you should always try to aim at your opponents feet. If you hit him well he will fly a bit in the air because of the explosion knockback, therefore he canīt evade your next rocket and if he survives that then he is in the air again waiting for your 3rd rocket.
Something else to keep in mind is that you shouldnīt shoot at the position where your opponent is with the RL, shoot at the position where he will be when the rocket impacts. Of course this is easy to say, but with enough practice and a bit logic thinking it is possible. By logic thinking I mean thoughts like "He is low on health, he will try to escape", so your next rocket is flying towards the exit of the room.

The RL is also a good prediction weapon, the only thing that`s better than shooting a rocket towards a corner, where you expect your opponent to come around in the next few seconds, is shooting 2 or more rockets (-;

The RL is a weapon that is really difficult to master, especially when it comes to single rockets. But itīs also very rewarding if you know how to use it.

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