Weapons - Ripper

Damage/hit:   45h primary
157h headshot
52h secondary
Rate: 2.9/s   primary
1.5/s   secondary
Splash Radius:    180uu   secondary
Damage/s: 130h primary
455h headshot
78h secondary

The Ripper is mainly a weapon for spamming. In primary mode it shoots projectiles, that are reflected from floor and walls 6 times, so you can shoot around corners. If they hit a player in the upper third of the playermodel the hit is counted as a headshot inflicting more than 3 times the normal damage, so you should always aim for the head. The ripper headshot has the biggest damage/second potential, but it´s mainly a matter of luck if you manage to hit.

The secondary fire mode shoots explosive projectiles, just like the rockets. Their big advantage is, that they are much faster than rockets, but with almost the same splash radius and a faster rate of fire, so this mode is best used to knock a player around by shooting at their feets. The ripper secondary only inflicts less than half the damage of a rocket though, so you should only use the ripper in this mode if there are no other weapons available.

All in all the Ripper is mainly a weapon, for FFA where you can make lots of frags by just spamming with the Razor Blades. It´s rarely used in duel.

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