Weapons - Minigun

Damagehit:   15-22.5h  
Rate: 10,4/s primary
12,5/s secondary
Inaccuracy: 0.5 degrees primary
2.7 degrees  secondary
Damage/s avg:   140-234 -> 187   primary
169-281 -> 225 secondary

The Minigun is one of the best weapons in UT. Itīs an instant hit, rapid fire weapon, that can kill virtually anything in a matter of 1-2 seconds. The slower more accurate primary fire is imho next to useless, but the less accurate secondary fire is excellent for mid to close range fights.
The only disadvantage of this gun is itīs instant hit nature. You always have to keep a lock on your opponent, which means that you have to follow him around corners. With all the prediction weapons in UT this is a very bad idea, you often eat a combo or some multirockets when following.
Thatīs why the Minigun is mainly something for open areas and itīs a great "finish him"-weapon.

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