Weapons - Impact Hammer (Piston)

Damage/hit max. 135h, increases linear when charging   primary
30h                                                         secondary
Range 90uu, auto release range 60uu primary
180uu secondary
Time until charged:   2s, auto release after 1.33s primary
Rate: 1.35/s secondary
Damage/s: 68h primary
41h secondary

This is UTīs melee weapon, meant to be the last option to defend yourself if you are out of ammo. If charged it can do a nice amount of damage, after 1.5secs you can already kill someone with 100h and the maximum 135 damage after 2 secs isn`t bad either. This doesnīt make up for the vulnerability while running arround with this thing though. Not only that itīs making very loud noises when charged, but you also have to get very close to hit your opponent and even with dodging this is sometimes impossible, especially in open areas.
The only places where the piston is a good choice as a weapon is in very tight corridors (like in turbine) at the top/bottom of an elevator or behind a teleporter. In a duel I would only use it in the last case, because you donīt take any risks behind a tele. Your opponent doesnīt hear you through the teleporter and you can retreat through the tele if he is coming from behind.
Although itīs not that useful as a weapon, I still wouldnīt play without it, because itīs an essential tool to reach high places. This is done by hammer jumping, something very similar to rocket jumping in Quake. You charge the impact hammer, point it towards the ground and jump while releasing it in the floor. You will jump much higher than normally, but always lose 54 health, so you should only use it if you have nothing to lose or in very important situations, like jumping up to the shield/rl in codex or getting the sniper rifle and heightadvantage in Liandri. To repeat it, you will ALWAYS get 54 health self damage, no matter how long you charged, but your impulse increases linear, so if you have enough time you should charge the full 2 seconds to jump as high as possible.
You should also be aware, that you are very vulnerable while impact jumping. After all it takes 800ms to switch to a different weapon.
Something else you can do with the impact hammer is deflecting rockets, if you use the secondary fire just the moment the rocket would hit you. I have never seen someone using this in a real game though, if you have enough time to do this, you could as well dodge the rocket. Besides that most rockets are aimed for the ground anyway.

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