Weapons - Double Enforcer

Damagehit:   25h  
Rate: 5.6/s primary
7.6/s secondary
Inaccuracy: 2.1 degrees primary
2.1 degrees, increasing up to 8.5 degrees secondary
Damage/s: 140h primary
190h secondary

If you pick up a second enforcer you can use one in every hand, John Woo style. The firing rates are almost like that of the minigun in primary mode, but the double enforcer is much less accurate than the mg or the single enforcer, so you should prefere the mg, if you got it.
A great advantage about the double enorcer is that the player model looks like that of someone wielding a single enforcer, so you can trick your opponent into attacking, but I wouldn´t do something that risky in a duel.

06_doubleenforcer.jpg (5087 Byte)

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