Weapons - Bio Rifle

Damage/hit:   60h   primary direct hit
481.5h  secondary direct hit
Rate: 3.84/s primary
Time until charged:  4.1s secondary
Splash radius: 150uu primary
Damage/s: 230h primary
117h secondary

The bio rifle behaves a bit like a grenade launcher. It shoots green slime, flying in a a ballistic curve towards the ground. But unlike grenades the green slime sticks to the ground and the walls, exploding if you shoot at it with an explosive weapon, when getting in contact with a player or after 4 seconds,
With the secondary fire you can charge the weapon up, so that you shoot a big slime ball, that collapses into 10 smaller ones (you also need 10 ammo). This weapon is often underestimated, because it´s not easy to hit with it, but if you hit with a big secondary slime ball your opponent is dead, even if he had 199 health and 150 armor.
The big advantage of the bio rifle compared to the other chargeable weapons (piston and RL) is that you don´t emit any additional sounds once it is charged, so you can ambush your opponent. You shouldn´t get too close though, because like with every explosive weapon there is a splash effect, fully charged as big as that of a combo, so you can easily kill yourself. But sometimes even that is a good option, as long as you take your opponent with you, kamikaze style.
With the primary fire you can inflict a lot of damage/second, but it`s not easy to hit, not even on close distance. The primary mode is much more useful to block an entrance, an elevator or a teleporter exit for a short time or to retreat around corners shooting goo.
All in all this is a very specialised, tactical gun, I wouldn´t use it in a normal gunfight.

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