The 10 weapons in UT are your tools to make frags and defend yourself, so you should know them well.

  Damage/s    Damage/hit    Rate of fire    Splash/Range 
Impact Hammer primary  68h 135h - 90uu
Impact Hammer secondary  41h 30h 1.35/s 180uu
Enforcer primary 70h 25h 2.8/s -
Enforcer secondary 95h 25h 3.8/s -
Double Enforcer primary 140h 25h 5.6/s -
Double Enforcer secondary 190h 25h 7.6/s -
Bio Rifle primary 230h 60h 3.84/s 150uu
Bio Rifle secondary 117h 481.5h - 250uu
Shock Rifle primary 84h 60h 1.4/s -
Shock Rifle secondary 172h 82.5h 2.1/s 70uu
Shock Rifle Combo 210h 247.5h 1.75/s 250uu
Pulse Gun primary 185h 30h 6.1/s -
Pulse Gun secondary 114h - - 810uu
Ripper primary 130h 45h 2.9/s -
Ripper headshot 455h 157h 2.9/s -
Ripper secondary 78h 52h 1.5/s 180uu
Minigun primary 140-234h 15-22.5h 10.4/s -
Minigun secondary 169-281h 15-22.5h 12.5/s -
Flak Cannon primary 269h 192h 1.4/s -
Flak Cannon secondary 284h 225h 1.1/s 150uu
Rocket Launcher primary 135h 112.5h 1.2/s 220uu
Rocket Launcher secondary  144h 120h 1.2/s 200uu
Sniper Rifle 115h 67.5h 1.7/s -
Sniper Rifle headshot 255h 150h 1.7/s -

To clarify 1 thing from the beginning, only the ripper primary and the sniper rifle can do headshots. With all the other weapons it doesn`t matter where you hit. A headshot is a hit in the upper third of the player model.

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