The frag lead although not directly connected to gameplay has a massive influence on the playstyle, as odd as it may sound. I just said, that map control is most important, it sure is of great importance, but only as long as the scores are tied. If you got the lead you don`t need map control. Of course it`s good if you have control to increase your lead, but you don`t have to worry a lot if you lose it. There are 2 alternatives when leading, it all depends on the time remaining. If there isn`t much time left you can try to hide and run from your opponent. Duck in dark corners, feign death behind a crate, wait in front of a teleporter ready to flee, impact jump to the most obscure places, just avoid fighting at any cost. Let the time work for you, it`s on your side. It`s campy, it`s lame, it`s risky, but it`s effective. You shouldn`t do this in fun matches though, cause it isn`t fun.
The 2nd alternative is quite similar at first glance, but works over a much longer time, cause yu don`t avoid fighting. If you got the lead, you don`t need to do frags, all you need to do is to make sure, is that your opponent doesn`t get frags. This is best done by taking away his big advantage, his armor/shield. The best method to do this is to wait at a safe place, where you got the shield/armor in sight, and shoot him, as soon as he takes it. Your best bet would be to snipe him out of the distance, it only takes 1 headshot, to get rid off his shield. In deck16 this also works with the boots.

It isn`t so much about ressources anymore, once the 1st frag is made, it`s also about fragging and the guy with the lead decides where the fragging takes place...

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