Some general information about Unreal Tournament. Nothing you will need to play the game, but nice to know.

air acceleration:    35%
air control:   no
player height:   78uu
player width:   38uu
size of the headshotzone:    26 x 38uu (upper third of the player)
walking speed:   160uu
running speed:   400uu
dodging speed:   600uu
jump height:   67uu
jumping height when walking:    56uu
jumping height with boots:   605uu
jumping height when dodging:    32uu

all jumping heights are taken from hardcore mode, which are 1.21 times higher than those in normal mode.

weapon switch time:    800 ms
armor value:
thight pads:   50
body armor:   100
shield belt:   150
absorption rate:
thigh pads:   50%
body armor:   75%
shield belt:   100%
health value:
health pack:   20
health vial:   +5
big keg of health:   +100
maximum health: 199
maximum armor:   150 (200 with shield bug)

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