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2.4 by Motig

Type: Mirc Script
Author: Motig
Original URL: http://mirc.net/projects.php?go=1230929624
Added: 5 Jun 2009
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BattleBot 2.4

BattleBot is a pickup bot for gaming channels that anyone with mIRC can run. Here is an example of the commands that can be operated:

!join/!add -- Join the current pickup
!new -- Make a new pickup running on with the map
!status/!slots/!teams -- View the pickup status
!remove/!leave/!exit -- Leave the current pickup
!map -- Change the current map
!gametypes -- View the available gametypes
!maplist -- View the maplist for a gametype
!ip -- View the list of servers
!server -- Perform a query with the relevant addon for specified server ip
!playernum -- Reduce/increase the number of player slots in the current pickup (only works if there are no slot types other than Other and Spectator, otherwise, you have to use !mode)
!mode -- Switches the bot to another gametype, mid-pickup. Will try to keep current players in, but obviously if the slot types are different, this isn't guaranteed.
!need -- After a pickup has been filled, players can use this to try and get a quick replacement or two.
!version -- Info about BattleBot.
!give -- Pickup owner can use this to give ownership of the pickup to someone else
(new to 2.4) !host -- If userhosts is set to $true in settings.ini, then this allows pickup creators to specify where the games will be located.
!cancel -- Cancel the pickup
!checkfull -- Sometimes, the pickup bot will disconnect at the worst possible time and not proceed when the pickup is apparently full. Players can use this command to force the


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