Add a cache to the series 12314

This is where you can add an existing geocache to a series and be allocated a number.
How it works:
  1. Place your geocache!
  2. Create the cache page on as usual. This will provide you with the GC-code, which is how all geocaches are identified.
  3. Enter the GC code of your new cache below, along with your email address.
  4. We'll instantly give you your new unique sequence number for the series so you can edit your cache page, and email you a copy too.
That's it! We'll try and get things like the cache name, owner's name etc from If the cache isn't published yet, we'll try once a day until it is and send you an email once it's added - nothing more for you to do! We'll also send you a password for each cache so you can later remove it from here if you need to, although if the cache is permanently archived at some point in the future, we should notice anyway and remove it.