Too cold to measure temps…

A cautionary tale about /too/ much technology… I’ve run a server in my loft at home for well over a decade. This year I treated myself and bought an HP ML110, primarily for ILO so that when something went wrong I didn’t have to clamber up a loft ladder and resolve. This server does a […]

WordPress and bots…

On another site of mine, also WordPress, I noted quite a lot of activity on wp-login.php It had existed for years with some htaccess rules restricting access to that file based on my static ips. I moved server and forgot to copy them, so the scale of scripted bruteforce attemps was laid bare. I amended […]

Weather Geek reporting in…

Being an outdoorsy geek living in the country, I’m interested in the weather. A couple of weeks ago I bought myself a little toy, a Lacrosse WS-2350. It comes with a plastic wind vane, an anemometer, a self-emptying rain-guage, internal and external temp and humidity sensors. I played around for a few days inside, where […]

Slitaz – Gosh!

Work had a very old laptop donated, a Dell Inspiron 5100. No wifi, only LAN and Bluetooth. But it did have a PCMCIA socket and I had a couple of old wifi cards. One new resident needed a machine so they could watch our welfare CCTV (Horses in stables) in the evening. I figured this […]

Zimbra 8 – a bit of a nightmare.

I wanted to give my users a better email/calendar/groupware system than we currently have at work. To that end I spent many evenings researching, installing, trying various systems. From Horde, to Zikula, to Exchange, to… Zimbra. I liked Zimbra a lot, but it took me several weeks of playing around before I found an installation […]